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Olo Brand Phone Cases

affordable; stylish; fun

Designed specifically to be sold at a low price point in channels like grocery and drug stores, the initial line of Olo products are the ultimate impulse purchase: affordable and fun.

Olo was designed to communicate a care-free, fun, even impulsive feeling. Shape and color are key to communicating a feeling. I based the Olo form language on tactile, geometric, slightly whimsical forms. Initial concepts featured exaggerated geometric shapes with soft radii.

developing form

certified fun

The Olo logo and slogan were created to support the playful feeling of the brand.


To meet a low target cost, we used only two materials: Polycarbonate and TPU, either of which can be injection molded affordably. These materials lend themselves well to bright colors and crisp textures.


The initial product family included 3 styles:

product family

2-Piece slider case

Solid color

Translucent color

Olo is currently in retailers around the world, including Wal-Mart and CVS. The original designs have been extended to many other smart-devices. 

market adoption

The Olo line now offers solutions for main-stream devices such as iPhone 4 and 5, and Samsung Galaxy S III. They have also been extended to many other devices from Nokia, Blackberry, HTC, and others. 

Olo today

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