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enabling guitarists to innovate

A capo that can be moved at-will, in the same manner a guitar slide can be moved, gives guitarists flexibility to explore new techniques and sounds.

initial ideas

Early concepts focused on a device which would clip onto the strings while not engaging the instrument neck at all. 

further ideas & testing

Iterative modelling and testing led to a design with a multi-surfaced, rotatable body, suspended by springs attached to a roller behind the neck.

concept refinement

The InVenture Prize @ Georgia Tech is a faculty-led innovation competition for undergraduate students at Georgia Tech. Students can work independently or in teams to develop and present inventions which are judged by experts. The competitors introduce their inventions in one or more preliminary rounds from which approximately 7 finalists are selected to advance to a Final Round. In this round, two winning inventions, either individuals or teams, are selected and receive:


   - A cash prize of $15,000 for first place or $10,000 for second place 


   - A free US patent filing by Georgia Tech’s Office of Technology Licensing (each valued at approximately $20,000) for both the first and second place winners.

prototype 2

In order to compete more effectively, I built a more robust, refined prototype.

InVenture Prize Presentation

Winning First Prize in the InVenture Prize allowed me to continue the project, moving toward a licensing deal, or starting a company based on the Slide-Capo. 

moving on

further prototyping

After creating seven additional prototypes, each with a different mechanism, I found an architecture that worked, and solved the functional problems that had plagued the previous versions.
I built a short, first production run for testing, and began creating CAD and CAM to optimize the production of each part in my small workshop. 

Prototype 3 (current model)

The Slide-Capo is a guitar accessory with no true precedent. It is a flexible, adjustable tool, which allows guitarists to play in completely new ways. I am currently carrying out final refinements and user testing, before beginning production.

U.S. Patent 8,546,671

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