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Slim Frame iPad folio

guilt-free protection.

Most folio-style ipad cases hide the ipad behind a bulky fabric frame. 


Slim Frame was designed to protect and enhance the function of the iPad, without hiding its carefully designed form.

The case features a molded "frame", which reflects the form of the iPad. The frame is joined to a soft folio by an elastic element, which allows for easy installation of the iPad.


The low profile molded frame holds the iPad securely, without obscuring the screen.

low profile protection.

With a large number of iPad users watching Netflix or similar video apps, it is important that the case stand, and stand well. 


I used rough cardboard models to quickly find the best geometry for the folio.


The production folio is very stable while standing, giving users extra peace-of-mind while watching video, browsing the internet, or playing games.


It features both high and low stand angles, for watching or typing.

the optimum stand.

production Slim Frame folio.

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